Time Rules

The following are time limits for group and category entries:

Time Limits include entrances and exits.

If an entry exceeds the maximum allotted time for its category by thirty (30) seconds or more,
you must notify RUNWAY of the time overage when you register for the competition.
At which point you will be charged an additional overage fee.

If you fail to notify RUNWAY of the time overage at registration, and proceed to perform the overtime entry at competition,
each judge will deduct one (1) full mark from the overtime entry, resulting in an automatic three (3) full mark deduction from the overall score.

Music Rules

  • Entry music SHOULD be submitted to RUNWAY DANCE CONNECTION via DanceBUG no later than March 1st, 2021 (for upcoming 2021 tour).
  • Music MUST be submitted as a digital file. We do not accept physical media (CDs).
  • If needed, you may submit entry music to RUNWAY’s Music Manager on the day of competition via USB thumb drive. If that’s the case, music MUST be submitted at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the entry.
  • Please label your USB Thumb Drive clearly so RUNWAY staff can identify who it belongs to.
  • Entry music files contained on a USB Thumb Drive must be clearly labeled in the following format: ENTRY ID # --> ENTRY TITLE --> DANCE STUDIO NAME.
  • USB Thumb Drives, or other entry music media will be available for pickup from RUNWAY’s Music Manager after the FINAL ADJUDICATION of the competition. If you fail to pick your USB Thumb Drive, or other entry music media at that time, it will be discarded.
  • Entry music MUST NOT contain profanity, or explicit and/or suggestive sounds or lyrics. RUNWAY is a family-friendly event. Please edit out offensive material ahead of time, or supply a clean version of the music track.

If there is an issue, or if you have any questions or concerns,
please contact RUNWAY Dance Connection. info@runwaydanceconnection.com

Gold Silhouetted Trio of Dancers